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The experiences disappeared from the menu. What do I do?

Some of our users have reported occasions when the experiences disappear from the menu leaving only a black screen with the appliedVR header on top (A). This issue occurs most often when there is a software update that has only been partially downloaded. In other words, the software update has started but not reached completion. Here are some steps you can take to restore the experiences to the menu.

First, connect the phone to WiFi by clicking on the "settings" icon. Then, restart the phone. The experiences may show up again after restarting. If they do not show up, you will need to run the software update again.

After a few seconds, you should see a prompt notifying you that a download is available (B). There is also a way to trigger this prompt manually. Press the back button on the phone in the bottom right corner. It should take you to the unlocked screen of the phone listing all of the apps installed (e.g. messages, mail, contacts). Navigate to the "apps" icon and look for the "Device Setup" app. The icon looks like a green monster (C).

For more information about downloading the software update to completion, visit this article <link>. After the update is complete, the experiences should reappear on the menu.









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