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The software update will not trigger. What do I do?

If the software update does not trigger after connecting to WiFi and restarting the phone, you can also trigger it manually by following the steps below.

1. Leave Kiosk mode by pressing the Home button and tapping the top of the screen above the appliedVR logo. You’ll see a screen with a lot of computer language and 3 tabs.

Screenshot_20170711-103609.png  Screenshot_20170711-103648.png  

2. Select the “Debug” tag. Press “Leave Kiosk Mode.” Choose “TouchWiz Home” and press OK when it gives you the prompt.

3. On the Home screen of the phone, find the green "Device Setup" app. Select the app and let the device run to download any updates needed. You may see this screen below for several minutes as it searches for new software.
Once the download is complete, the phone will automatically return to the appliedVR menu of experiences. You can now use the phone with the latest software update.
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