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What are all the VR experiences available?


Guided Relaxation (30 minutes)

Patients look around a scenic mountain and ocean environment in 360 degrees while gentle music plays and a narrator guides the patient through relaxation techniques. (In the past, patients have compared the scene to Big Sur.)


Dream Beach (30 minutes)

Relax at the beach with a 360-degree view of the ocean and sand while listening to the sounds of the waves and nature. 

Iceland (3 minutes)

Fly over and take in photorealistic views of landscapes and landmarks in Iceland.


Feeding Frenzy (15 minutes)

Use the movement of your head to launch different types of food at hungry cats while energetic music plays. 

Bear Blast (15 minutes)

Use the movement of your head to shoot balls at targets in an energetic cartoon world, while soothing music plays.

Shape Your Path (15 minutes)

Create a pattern of shapes by moving your head to select different shapes and create a path to a new destination.

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