What is the Sanitation Protocol?

AppliedVR Patient Use and Cleaning Protocol

Patient Use:

  1. Place a bouffant cap on patient’s head.
  2. The Virtual Reality (VR) headset is fitted with a disposable hygienic liner.
  3. Assemble headset and launch VR application.
  4. Headset is placed on patient’s head and adjusted to fit appropriately

 In between Patient Uses and Cleaning Protocol:

  1. Remove and throw away disposable hygienic liner.
  2. Use Sani-Wipes to completely wipe down all components of the headset, including plastic casing, device lenses, phone, head-strap and headphones.
  3. Fit VR headset with new disposable hygienic liner.
  4. Assemble headset and launch VR application.
  5. Once bouffant cap has been applied, place headset on next patient’s head and adjust to fit appropriately.


SOURCE: Cedars-Sinai Department of Epidemiology, 05/16

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