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The screen of the phone is unchanged after inserting it into the headset.

Sometimes the screen of the phone may appear unchanged after inserting the phone into the headset. For instance, you might see the menu screen (figure 2) or the insert device screen (figure 3) sideways through the lenses. This issue usually occurs because the connection between the phone and the headset is not solid. Below are a two things you can try to improve the connection.

  • Find the lock on top of the USB plug, and make sure it is in the locked position so that it cannot slide loose (figure 1).
  • Make sure you insert the USB plug on the headset into the corresponding USB port on the phone. Push down firmly to create the tightest possible fit.



Figure 1 - Lock on the USB plug


Figure 2 - Sideways menu screen


Figure 3 - Sideways insert device screen

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