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What is included in my EaseVR kit?

You should have received the following items in your EaseVR kit. Each component is important for getting the most out of EaseVR.

The VR phone delivers the immersive visuals to the VR headset and also acts as a menu for you to select therapeutic experiences.

The headphones not only deliver the sound of the experience but also sense your breath. The heart rate monitor straps to your forearm and measures your heart rate. Both the breath data and heart rate data are incorporated into the actual VR experiences to make them more personalized to you.

Also, there are two charging cables that come with each kit, one is a Micro USB cable that plugs into the phone, and the other is a USB-C cable that plugs into the headset.


phone.jpg VR phone


headset.jpg VR headset


headphones.jpg Headphones


sensor.jpg Heart rate monitor


charger.jpg USB charging cable



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