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I see the Oculus Home menu when I start the VR experience

After starting a VR experience by selecting an option from the menu and inserting the phone into the headset, the visuals should automatically start, and you will see a countdown marked by an appliedVR logo. In some cases, you may see the Oculus Home menu instead, which looks like a lobby environment with some advertisements and instructions. The Oculus Home menu is not part of our platform. To avoid going there, please consider the following tips.

Make sure you select an experience from the menu on the phone and see the start screen that says, "To open this application, insert your device into your Gear VR" (Figure 1). Once you see it, you are ready to insert the phone into the headset. Be careful not to accidentally exit this screen before the device is fully inserted. If you do, the headset will load with the Oculus Home Menu instead of the appliedVR countdown.



Figure 1: Start Screen

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